Sunday, July 11, 2010

A song, a race and, of course, more tadpoles!

The other night when I was putting Kieran to bed he wanted to sing me a song rather than me singing to him (can't blame him...I really can never remember the words to very many songs...not like Kevin). Well, that morning I had given them some toys that I had bought at a yard sale awhile back. Kieran's was a big incredible Hulk. I had also bought him a Superman the same day of yard sale-ing...I just spread out giving them the toys :) So, this is the song that he sang me:

Superman is a superhero
He's my favourite superhero
Mommy bought me the Hulk
She's the nicest Mommy in the world

Awww, how cute is he?

Today I ran in my first official race. It was 2.6 miles and I finished in 29.something minutes. I haven't really been running consistently lately so I think that's not too shabby for my first time. We even got medals. We were saying how cool that was when one of the girls said that the only medals she's ever gotten were ones when you're a kid and they give them to everyone for participating. I said, " this one?" LOL! I thought she was going to kick me out of the car :) We're all very proud of ourselves. Heck, I'm still shocked sometimes that I don't just give up!

Kieran's tadpole has front legs! Woohoo! It's totally cute. Like an itty-bitty little frog. Of course I took pictures on Thursday and on Friday it had it's extra legs. Anyway, I'll post the 2 leg pictures and take some more later. I know you're all enthralled with our tadpole saga!

Aren't they cute? :)

I was scrapping some layouts for Stuck?! last night and I love how they are turning out, but you have to wait for August to see them ;) Have a great Sunday night all!


emilysue said...

great job running dude

love the tadpoles!!

Bella said...

Awesome job running! I'm so proud of you, I would have quit already lmao. The tadpoles are so cute! Sorry to hear about Kierans tho :(