Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Weekend Happenings

Yesterday was my birthday so I decided, since it fell on a Sunday, I would just claim the whole weekend as my birthday weekend :) I deserve it, right? Saturday I went yard sale-ing with Bridget and a good friend and 2 of her girls. I had such a nice time with no one around rushing me and begging to leave, haha. Found some good deals. Got a really nice wool jacket and books for me and the kids. I also found some really cool boy toys that I've put away for when the kids are driving me crazy! Nothing keeps them occupied like new toys.

Then while the kids napped I actually took a nap. Wow, so refreshing! Then Saturday night, Mom and Dad watched the kids (yay!! Thanks again!) while Kevin and I went out to dinner and a movie. We saw A-team and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. Lots of action, lots of laugh...really good movie!

We also made a trip to the Running Room to return a jacket Kevin had got for my birthday. It was really too green, like flourescent green. It was a bit too much. The funny part is that I have a green windbreaker that I wore out Saturday to yard sale because it started to rain a bit. When Riley saw me he said, "oh, Daddy gave you your jacket!" Oops. He really didn't mean to spill but Kevin probably shouldn't have showed it to him :) And, what's even more funny, when I got home from yard sale-ing I had a frame that I'm going to alter and Riley said something like, "guess you don't need that frame I got you. I mean, no I didn't. I'm just joking." Haha! The moral of the story is, don't tell your 5 year old about birthday presents! Anyway, I exchanged the jacket for one that is a coral colour (or, just pink as Kevin says) and it's a slightly different style. Should be in this week because they had to order it from another store.

Sunday morning was French toast for breakfast and supper at Mom and Dad's (lasagna, caesar salad, garlic bread and chocolate cake with boiled icing...YUMMY!!) I also had a visit with 2 of my best buddies, Amy and Emily and Amy's adorable daughter Isabelle (who Bridget just adores!). But the highlight of our day was a trip to a local trail/stream. We went to just take some pictures and let the kids play in the water. We saw a butterfly, some minnows and a frog, which Kevin and the boys had great fun trying to catch and then letting go and catching again. Poor traumatized frog. Then we found some tadpoles and Kevin actually managed to catch one in his hands! I was surprised and scrambled for something to put it in and came up with Riley's water bottle (which will be thoroughly sterilized!). We caught for each kid (they have named them Taddy, Maddy and Haddy, lol). They are in a bucket with some greens and a rock...ahh, tadpole paradise :) Hope we can grow them into frogs! I'm very excited, more than the kids I think. Fun experiment to start the holiday. Riley's going to journal the whole process. And the pictures we took yesterday and the ones to come will make for a cute mini album I'm sure! Here are a few of the pictures from yesterday:

Finding cool rocks with Riley
Who's up there?
The rocks were a bit slippery.
Smooches for Mama!
Kieran felt much better going out into the water holding someone's hand. Big brother stepped in to help :)
Petting the frog :)
Frogs are SLIPPERY!!
Got him!!!!
Are you a PRINCE??
Tadpoles! 3 of these little guys are at our house :)
Such a cutie!
Our beautiful, happy, CRAZY family!
Today it is pouring rain and it's the first day of outdoor swimming lessons. The kids probably won't mind, but it doesn't make for a fun day to watch them. Luckily I can drop Bridget off with Grammie and Grampie because she would be a handful I'm sure when she can't just run around and play.

I have some fun scrappy news to share but I can't let it out just yet...soon though :) And I can't wait to scrap the tadpoles, heehee! Have a happy Monday everyone!


emilysue said...

what!?!?! what news?!??!!
tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!

great pics by the way, your family is awesome!

Bella said...

So glad you had an awesome weekend! It was so nice to see you on Sunday, your tadpoles are so cute! And your little monkey kids hehehe. Can't wait to hear your news!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Andrews said...

Sounds like a really fun birthday weekend. Happy birthday to you!