Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's here! And my kids are old enough to splash in little pools and play in the sprinkler while I sit in the sun and read a book. It's lovely! I've spent a couple of afternoons like that recently. There are only 2.5 more days of school left so let's hope they can stay that happy :) The boys start swimming lessons next week which is good because they LOVE the water! Not sure what Bridget will do while we are there for an hour and she isn't allowed in the pool...gonna have to take lots of distractions with me.

Bridget is now pretty much potty trained. Number 2 is sometimes iffy though she did go yesterday and got to pick out a toy at the dollar store. Hopefully she'll keep it up. She wakes up dry everyday and at naptime too which I am thrilled about. I think we are done with diapers after over 5 1/2 years....can it be true?!

It's hard to believe that Riley is almost done kindergarten. I can't believe how much he has grown in a year. He's reading so well and he can pump his swing (thank goodness I now only have to push 2...), he's grown probably a couple of inches from the looks of his pants, haha. He just loves school and I'm sure after a week or two he'll miss seeing his friends everyday.

Kieran is his cute little self. There were a couple of days last week when he was just a little storm cloud but luckily the grumpiness has past. He's getting so big too and I'm sure would go right off to school with his brother. He loves sports and starts t-ball next week with Daddy as one of his coaches :) I think he's really excited..this is the first year he's old enough to do something like that and he's watched Riley play soccer for 2 years. He picked t-ball though I think he would be really great at both. Right now he's begging to play hockey so I better wrap this up.

Bridget just walked in and gave me a toy phone and told me it was Connie. So I start talking and then she clarifies for me, "it's pretend Connie." Oh...right, thanks :)

I have one card to share. I made this for one of my running buddies whose birthday was last week.

I also scrapped a couple of layouts last week but don't have pictures of them just yet. It felt good to do them though, it had been awhile since I did a layout.

Ok, off to play hockey! Have a great day all!


Bella said...

Love your card, and your blog looks nice!!

Moonie said...

What a gorgeous card.. I just love it... x