Friday, June 11, 2010

There's a party going on!!

And not just in my living room with Kevin and me playing Dance Dance Revolution, though that is fun as well. Ah, how exciting my Friday nights are... No, the party I'm talking about is a scrapping party over at Treasured Scrapbooking! Erin is having a surprise cyber crop this weekend!! Here's what she has to say:

I think it's time to celebrate! SOOOOOOOO, let's Spring Into Summer, Splash Into Summer, or Charge Stubbornly Into Summer!!!!! The weather here is just awful, we've only had a couple of sunny days, but I'm going to charge stubbornly ahead anyway!

I am holding a SURPRISE CYBERCROP starting tomorrow! There will be prizes and games and challenges!

The first challenge starts RIGHT NOW, though!

Go find some of your online scrappy friends who don't already hang out here and invite them to come play with us! I will do a prize drawing for the people who bring in some new members to the party! If the person was previously registered but wandered off, that's fine too. I just want a lot of people at this party.Smile

The crop will go until next Sunday night, most of the festivities will occur during the weekend, but I might throw some surprises in here and there, and some quick challenges as well.

So, go get your shorts and sunglasses and flip flops! It's time to PARTY!!!!!!

Sounds like fun to me!! And I think I'll probably be able to fit in some scrapping this weekend. We've got a relatively low key weekend and my house is pretty clean. I'm thinking a few household things, maybe some painting and then lots of scrapping! Sounds perfect :)

Here are the cards I promised as well as a layout that I did awhile ago and just got around to photographing.
So, all you scrappy gals head on over to Treasured Scrapbooking and join the fun!

Oh, I have to mention....Riley signed his first yearbook today. I kid you not! Yes, he is in kindergarten. Apparently yearbooks are now a thing for all grades. I mean, really? I didn't order him one. I figure maybe in grade 5. It was cute to see the little girl ask him to sign it though and have him put his name in it. I wish I had my camera! Who knows, maybe I should have got him one, but everything just seems so over the top for everything...every sport and activity, preschool, daycare, etc., yearbooks for every grade level. There's always something else to buy and a lot of it is a waste of money. I much prefer the pictures I take of Riley at soccer! Chances are, if he's anything like his dad, he'll be lucky to keep even his high school yearbooks. Kevin and I are quite opposite when it comes to sentimental things :)

Ok, a bit more dancing before bed!! Exciting stuff :)

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I love your l/o of Bridget!!!!!!