Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some fun stories and new layouts

I've been saving up some funny stories from the kids for the my next blog post, so here they are :) 

On Sunday, for some reason, the kids were talking about things that were bigger than Daddy.  I think it all started because Kevin took the biggest piece of pizza for lunch and Riley complained because Daddy always takes the biggest piece (Riley has the second largest appetite in our house). So, the things that they came up with that were bigger than Daddy were a volcano and a BIG giant (not just your everyday average old giant).  

Also on Sunday we were driving to Nana's house.  Now, we've had the conversation with Riley many times about how the moon doesn't really move, it just looks like it's moving because we're moving in the car.  So, Kevin says to Riley on our drive to Nana's, "see how it looks like the buildings are moving, because we're moving, but they aren't really moving, right?" And Riley agrees, that no, houses don't move.  Kevin proceeds to tell him that it's the same thing with the moon...it just looks like it's moving because we are.  There's silence in the backseat for a few seconds while Riley processes...then he blurts out, "WRONG!" Haha!  He says, "you guys don't watch the moon, I watch the moon so I know that it moves!"  Sigh...that kid cracks me up!

You know that we live in an age where our lives are ruled by media.  Today the kids were playing pretend...dragons, knights and such.  I told Riley that he had to go and get dressed.  He says to Kieran, "pause the game!" Heehee!  And then I hear Kieran yell, "PAUSE!" Oh my...and we don't even watch that many movies!

Notice how all my funny stories are about Riley? LOL!  Maybe once Kieran becomes more understandable I'll have more about him.  I'm trying to think of one involving me, but I can't.  Oh...I have one, haha.  Kieran loves sports so I've been trying to get him playing some of the Wii sports games.  Well, with bowling he just couldn't get the hang of it.  He'd do it right for a couple of frames and then start letting go of the button too early and dropping the ball.  We were both frustrated.  Kevin somehow managed to get him to hold the button in, but for some reason he couldn't hold the button and swing his arm at the same time.  So, if Kevin swung his arm for him, he could keep the button pushed in until it was time to let go of the ball, but he couldn't do both on his own.  When we were playing Wii at Nana's we discovered that if he uses his other arm to hold his remote arm and swing his own arm (just like Kevin would have done for him) he can do it, but he can't do both with one arm.  He's looks so ridiculous doing it, but it seems to work!  You probably have to see him in action to get the story (especially if you don't own a Wii).  Sorry if this makes no sense, but at least it's documented somewhere for me to laugh at later :)

One more with Riley.  Sometimes Riley gets a mental block on a word.  Like granola...he insists on calling it vanilla.  He just can't seem to get it.  The other day he was pretending he was a chameleon (not sure how this started).  Well, that kid could just not remember what it was called.  He'd play for awhile and then want to play again later and say, "Mommy, what's that animal that changes colours?" This happened several times until I finally said, "no, Riley, you tell me."  He says, "a leprechaun?" Seriously?? And he was, serious that is.  He has a block.  Finally, Kieran started telling him it was a chameleon.  Haha. I think he finally has it now :)  Still calls granola vanilla though!

Bridget continues to develop by leaps and bounds.  She's saying cat now and she stacked a couple of blocks the other day.  She's constantly wanting to run (or...crawl really fast :)) after her brothers.  She and Kieran are always hugging each other (this is REALLY cute!).  

I haven't taken many pics since the birthday party.  Since all the stories are about Riley how about a couple of cute pics of B and K...

My cuties in their new sunglasses :)  There are some perks to grocery shopping with mommy!  Bridget grins like that everytime I put her shades on her!

I went to a crop on Saturday.  Poor Daddy was home alone from 1:30-9:30.  He did have some company for awhile, but he did the bedtime routine alone which is always a challenge.  Thanks again!! I had a great time with the girls from Paws and I got a record 3 LOs done (I'm a very slow scrapper so 3 LOs in 8 hours is good for me...especially once you account for the chatting/eating time!).  Here are a couple I can share now...

Bridget eating her first piece of b-day cake.  She wasn't that into it since she was sick with a fever, but she did enjoy the icing :)

I think this one is my fave.  I just love the picture of Bridget's feet and the colours of the LO.  

The other layout is for the Paws sketch DT reveal tomorrow so I can't show it just yet.  It's also of Bridget.  I did take pics of the boys to scrap but left all my boy papers at home.  I have way more girl papers.  I know I have two boys and one girl, but let's face it, girl papers and embellishments are just way more fun :)

Ok, that's it for now.  Thanks if you stayed with me this long.  


TraceyT said...

Omgoodness,those photos of B are adorable. LOVE, love, love yours pages. Simply adorable.

Eva said...

Awww...cute stories, sweet pictures and gorgeous layouts!!!

Laurajean said...

Omg Amanda...those stories are too cute, sounds just like my kiddos ;) Beautiful layout girl!!!