Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthday party and a doctor's appointment

Well, we made it through the birthday party!  Bridget managed to shake her fever just in time so she was feeling well on Sunday.  Mommy was exhausted, but what else is new.  I was up at 7am working on the cake and it took me the better part of the morning.  It was worth it though.  The house was it's usual chaos when the family all came over and I think the older cousins were disappointed that I didn't have any games or treatbags planned for my one year old's birthday party, haha.  They seemed happy enough with cake though :)

Well, what's a blog post without pics.  I know you are all looking for those sweet faces :)

The birthday girl with her first spatula covered in icing.  Ok...Mommy needed quiet to finish the cake :)

The cake...obviously.


Bridget looking slightly confused :)

The cousins not so patiently waiting for cake.  Only one plastic spoon was broken in this display...guess who's....

Ahhh, Daddy's girl, double-fisting her cake :)

Bridget had her one year doctor's appointment this afternoon.  Both the receptionist and the doctor commented on Bridget's quirk of trying not to smile at you when you talk to her.  They both said, "It seems like she's trying not to smile."  Yupper...that's exactly what she's doing. She's been doing it for months now.  It really is the funniest thing.  And she is so determined to not smile...she can really hold out for a while.  Never seen a baby do it before.  Such a tease!
Anyway, Bridget is now 23lbs and 76cm.  I'm not sure where that exactly falls on a size chart but I'd say she's a pretty big girl :)  She had 3 shots and cried a bit (unlike the boys who almost never said boo), but she wasn't too bad.  She seemed fine at bedtime so no problems yet.  Let's hope for a good night!


Dolores said...

wow I love the cake, great photos too.

just lisa said...

I love that cake that you made!! Adorable! She is a cutie for sure!!