Monday, March 9, 2009

Photo shoot

I decided to try to get some pics of the kids yesterday.  I plan to get some printed and framed since we have no new pictures in frames around the house at all.  I got a lot of great pics, but no good ones of the three of them together unfortunately.  If I'm feeling brave I may try again today, but it would be a bit harder with Kevin at work.  Anyway, here are some of the pics :) 

There are a lot more too, but maybe I'll save a few for another day.  They're so sweet you need to only see them in small doses ;)

Some of the cousins were over yesterday and the kids spent over an hour playing in the snow.  I guess the adults were playing too, except for Bridget and me since she isn't a big fan of the snow yet.  It was so mild though that I did take her out for awhile to get some fresh air.  Apparently Kevin face planted himself into a snow bank on one of his trips down the hill on the sled.  I didn't see it, but everyone assures me it was quite funny (even Kevin).  I think he also sprained his finger on that trip down :)  Thankfully, the kids were all unharmed!

Our kitchen floor is now done! Yay!! Thanks Dad for all your help.  Kevin and Dad managed to finish it Saturday by early afternoon. Now we just need to prep the walls a bit more and paint.  It sure will be nice when it's all done :)

Riley is back to school today after March break so Kieran and Bridget and I are just hanging out watching Sid the Science Kid.  This is a great show on PBS...very educational and fun!  Although, this is an episode we've seen about 10 times, but kids never seem to care about that!  I have mountains of laundry to do so I better get going!! Have a great Monday :)


TraceyT said...

Your pics turned out beautifully!!! Love that one of you and B!!

the new floor looks great. One more step closer to completion!

Danielle said...

Your floor looks gorgeous! It will be so nice! Love your pics too, such happy and beautiful kids! =)

Jenn DiPaolo said...

Okay that pic of you and B is too cute. Her little teeth are adorable. They all turned out really well. I love the floor as well. We need new kitchen floor as well, but I am afraid to tackle it!

bigsal said...

Your pics are sweet!! Your kitchen floor looks great! that's out next task to tackle is our kitchen.

just lisa said...

Love all those pictures and that blog header is sooooo cute!! Love it!!

Floors look wonderful too!!

Michelle Lanning said...

ohh I love the pics - they turned out great - and your little own is that red hair I see -- so adorable!

AbbieTorroll said...

What cute kids you have!! love the new pictures!!

Tanya said...

LOVE the pics you got Amanda!! The one of you and your princess is sweet!

Your floors look FAB!!