Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Break

I know that Riley only has preschool 3 days a week in the morning, but it really does give us something to do.  It's hard to fill the week with them home all day everday....I can only imagine that will be more difficult once they're in school.  We haven't been doing too badly though.  Monday we played with the cousins.  Tuesday Riley had a sleep over with Grammie and Grampie.  I had to do a lot of bribing to get Kieran to stay home AND not cry (last time he tried a sleep over he came home at 2 in the morning...didn't really feel like reliving that).  So, K and I watched a movie and he got to have chicken nuggets and fries for supper.  Wednesday we went to Grammie and Grampie's for breakfast (yet another part of K's bribe, but also something for us to do :)).  That afternoon I took the boys to the Tales of Despereaux which was playing for a toonie.  They were really good and had fun.  K was afraid of some parts, but he still did well and no one woke up screaming last night.  Today we had a playdate with a girl that R goes to preschool with and her two sisters.  Mostly because us moms are friends, but the kids seemed to have fun too :)  Riley and this girl don't play much at school, but they seem to do well on a playdate so it's all good.  He does want to have his two best friends over next week though :)  

So, it's already Thursday afternoon.  I think we'll make it to the weekend.  I'm currently obsessed with the third Twilight book so I haven't been getting much scrapping done.  Here's a page though that I did for the Paws DT.  I think it's a bit crooked, but I'm trying to ignore that, lol, since I'm not going to rip it apart.  

This is a picture that Riley had taken with his Little Tikes camera.  Not too bad for a 3 year old (he took it last summer I think).  

Can you believe that Bridget will be one in a week and a day?? I can't!! Where did the year go.  I remember how at 3 months, when the baby is up a lot and nursing all day you feel like this moment will NEVER come and here it is already.  She's now pulling herself up with ease, though she still doesn't walk along things.  She moves her upper body but won't move her feet :)  She says and shakes her head "no" to every question.  She says "ha, ha, haaaa" (that is new within the last couple of days).  She has 8 teeth.  She still mostly army crawls though she does get up on all fours for a few paces.  She's been a pretty good sleeper lately either getting up once through the night or sleeping until 5 or 5:30.  This morning she was up at 5 , but I did get her to go back to sleep until 7.  She is just such a sweet, funny little girl.  So content most of the time.  And you can totally tell that she wants to chase her brothers...won't be long I'm sure!

Riley is doing pretty well.  Some typical four year old craziness and battles with Mommy, heehee, but he is a good, kind, smart boy.  He's excited for big school in the fall.  He plays the computer and the Wii almost as well as I do (funny how quickly they pick those things up).  We just finished reading Charlotte's Web (yes, try to explain to a four year old boy why Mommy is crying at the end...he didn't really seem to get it, lol).  Kieran seems to be more empathatic than Riley, maybe he'll get it :).  We've now moved on to Stuart Little.  I actually don't know that story at all so it's fun for me too.  

Riley loves playing pretend.  I think here we were playing castle with the Mega blocks :)

Kieran is such a big boy now.  I already think of him as 3 though he won't be until May.  I'd say he probably knows about half of his letters.  I'll have to do numbers with him today because I'm not sure how many of those he knows to see.  He loves to read stories and he loves to give hugs and snuggles (even more so recently for some reason).  He's a great big brother to Bridget, always doing things for her and helping me.  And of course, she is one of his favourite people to hug.  I must say, that for 2 he's a pretty good colourer and he likes to draw and paint.  And of couse, he loves stickers...oh the stickers I find everywhere :)  He's such a cute, kind hearted boy.

Ok, so the pictures aren't stellar, but it's hard to get pics of my kids.  Especially B now that she just wants to crawl after the camera and eat it! :)

Well, off to check a few things off my "to-do" list and try to avoid my book (though it's calling to me, heehee).  Have a great day!!


TraceyT said...

I really like how you brought the page together with your doodles. That photos is FAB, too. WTG, R.

Terri said...

LOVE your LO & all your photos are just adorable!!!!

bigsal said...

Love your LO!!
Your pics are gorgeous, your kids are sweet!
We also went to see the Movie The Tale of Despereaux on Wednesday. It was packed. Cute movie but not for my kids age, they were a little too young I think but they had fun!