Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scrappy Goodness and a Freaky Friday!

Ok, this post might actually be short since my left index finger is numb.  I have no idea why. I think I must have slept funny the other night and pinched a nerve somewhere.  It makes it very annoying to type!

Here is the third LO that I did at the crop last weekend.  It was for last weeks Wednesday night sketch challenge at Paws.  Tina provided a great sketch!

I also took part in a one hour Just Add Scraps challenge at Treasured Scrapbooking this afternoon.  We were divided into two teams and the team to have the most people finish the sketch in an hour won.  My team didn't win, but we all came out ahead with great layouts and a fun time!  It was a nice way to use up some of those scraps I've had lying around and get a picture I've been meaning to scrap into an album (or at least, into my stack of layouts :)).

Ok, picture that LO with the letters straightened and the journaling finished :)  Like I said, it was a one hour challenge and I'm a slow scrapper so I was working my butt off to get it finished enough to post!

So, let me tell you about my Friday.  Sigh...this may be too long of a story to post, but here goes. First off, in the morning after I dropped Riley off at preschool the other kids and I went to get groceries.  When we got home Bridget was alseep in the car so I parked by the window where I could see her.  This also happens to be the one spot on our driveway that still has ice left.  I unloaded a couple bags of groceries and was carrying them in and didn't I fall on our one patch of ice, HARD.  Kieran very helpfully told me that I should be careful on the ice :)  I pulled all the muscles on in my hip/groin area and was in pain walking the rest of the day.

Then I decide, that since we are having supper with Kevin's family, I should make dessert to take with me.  Both of his sisters gave up chocolate for Lent, so I was trying to come up with something chocolate free, easy and with what little ingredients I had.  Just so happens we have many bags of microwave popcorn so I came up with popcorn balls! Yes, those are fun, the kids will love them! I will be the best mom/aunt ever.  WRONG (to quote Riley).  I decided to double the recipe so I ended up popping 6 or 7 bags of popcorn, some of which only half popped for some reason, while trying to cook the syrup (which I had to modify slightly because I didn't have enough icing sugar...probably why they are way too chewy).  So, in the end in my kitchen I had 3 huge bowls of popcorn and one very large pot of syrup.  I pour they syrup into all the bowls and start mixing.  Now, during all of this I'm trying to get the boys to clean the playroom downstairs and keep a baby happy in my kitchen.  One of the doors is off our under the sink area from when Kevin installed our new dishwasher.  With all the renovations to the kitchen (which have been at a standstill since the floor) it just hasn't gotten put back on.  We keep all of our cleaners up in our closet anyway so the only thing under there in any type of cleaning capacity is our dishwasher soap and our kids are never in there alone.  OK, so I'm in the kitchen in the midst of sticky popcorn trying to keep B happy.  She plays with a spoon an empty pop bottle, whining occasionally because she wants to be picked up (hard to do with sticky popcorn).  At one point she is in the tub of diswasher tabs so I take them away from her and put them out of reach.  She continues to cry throughout the rest of the popcorn ball fiasco.  I'm trying to shape balls with sticky syrup all over them and run to the sink several time for fear of getting second degree burns (can you tell I am NEVER making these again).  Finally, it's over, they're made!  I fill up the dishwasher and go to turn it on.  Well, the tab I pull out of the bucket is broken open and the little ball that is in the centre is missing!!!!!  Naturally, I assume Bridget ate it.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  I freak out.  I don't know the number for poison control off hand so I call 911.  I tell him where we are and what happened.  He asks if I want poison control. Ummm...hello? You're 911, you tell me!!! Anyway, I say yes.  I tell her everything, she goes to look up that type of soap and says something about it being an irritant/corrosive and to take B to the ER.  So, of course, I am very upset.  I call Kevin, tell him to call his sister because I'm dropping the boys off and rush to the ER.  B has been crying pretty much the whole time and all I can imagine is her insides being eaten away.  

Now, the good thing about sobbing your way into the ER with a baby is that everyone lets you go first.  In triage, the nurse came out to ask who was next and everyone just pointed to me though I was there last! So, first in triage, first out back to be was all very efficient (though I'm sure that everyone in the waiting room was cursing us!).  She was happy as a clam as soon as we got to the hospital.  Kevin thought that maybe she didn't even eat it because sometimes at the bottom of the bucket those things are all broken anyway.  And the doctor said that even if she had it would just pass through her system...she might have some bubbles, haha.  All ended well, but man I was scared!

Then, guess what I found on our counter today....the powerball from the tab.  I have no idea how it got was under some stuff and so far from where she had been on the floor that I have no clue how it could have gotten so far.  It was only part of the ball, but the rest could easily have been broken in the bucket.  I'm pretty sure now that there's no way she ate any of it.   I really thought my first trip to the ER would have been with a boy....

So, today was much more relaxing with a trip to the Teddy Bear Fair (thanks for the extra hands, Nana).  The boys had their animals all fixed up with casts, saw a police car and a fire truck, magic show and lots of other fun booths.  We also had a turkey supper at church so now supper prep/cleaning for us!  We have a movie to watch now, so a good day overall!  I don't need any more drama this weekend!! 

Ok, that wasn't short at all...turns out I got used to the numb finger, lol!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Amanda DiPaolo said...

Amanda, seriously....three kids and that was your first trip to the ER? LOL, wow, what a day! Hope the rest of your weekend goes smoothly :-)

Jenn DiPaolo said...

Oh my! I'm glad everything turned out okay in the end...but STRESSFUL! It's amazing that this was the first trip to the ER. Great LOs. :)

Tina said...

Oh no! What a hard day! I'm so glad all ended well!
Love these pages! Great job with the sketch too! :)

Amanda Muirhead said...

oh man, I am so glad that everything turned out very scary!! I went through a very similar situation last week when I dropped a bottle of pills and larissa dove for them and ate one!!!

I love your new layouts... totally yummy eye candy!!

TraceyT said...

good grief...what an ordeal. Glad to hear all are well.

Love your pages, btw.

Eva said...

WOW...that is some do the darnest things....hehehe....glad everything was ok, though. Your layouts are fabulous, too.

Terri said...

So happy everything turned out like it did! How scary!!

LOVE your LOs!!!!

Michelle Lanning said...

oh no - glad all is ok ---- loving the layouts!

Ginger said...

LOL! I know it wasn't funny at the time -- but I can so relate! I'm glad she didn't eat it and you got those darn popcorn balls made. lol.

just lisa said...

always the sweetest layouts Amanda!! WOW - so glad to hear everything turned out okay too!!

Tanya said...

OH Amanda.... that is an ordeal for sure! I am so glad that B is okay and didn't eat it... just finding it I am sure made you feel much better! I agree with the girls... that is amazing that its your first trip to the ER lol