Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Do, a deer, a female deer....

It's become our bedtime song. Bridget requests it every night. I just sang it to her multiple times and now she's crying again...for Daddy this time. Next it will be me. She doesn't seem to want to go to sleep tonight. Sigh. I could use a nap..maybe we could trade. I'll probably end up sitting and rocking her. She's been going to sleep without us there for the past 3 or 4 nights so I thought she was on her way to doing it on her own. Guess I was wrong. Oh well, she's the baby so I don't mind. No one else I have to run to, last time I'll get to rock a baby to sleep.

Kieran went for his 3.5 year clinic today. It's a session that all kids of that age have in NB to make sure they're ready to start school. They do an eye test (well, not for Kieran since we already know he needs glasses), weigh and measure them, check out their pencil grip, get them to pronounce a few words. They used to do a hearing test, but apparently that's been cut out. I asked if he should have one and she said he should at some point, but the province hasn't decided when or how to do that. She asked if I was concerned about his hearing and I'm not, but said I had never really been concerned about his eyesight either until recently. She actually had about 45 min until her next session so she did the hearing test anyway. Turns out, he's good :) How they do the test is they put a set of headphones on the child and do a series of beeps. I held a basket full of blocks and each time he heard a beep he was to take a block from me. Well, the right ear on the headphones was red and the left was blue. She said before she started that the red goes on your right ear. I said, "oh, Kieran what do red and right both start with?" He said, "R". She was pretty impressed that he knew that sound. A couple of minutes later, she put the headphones on him and he held up his hand to his right ear and said, is this red. I said, "no, it's blue." So we realized she had it on wrong. Well, not only did he remember red and right, but he actually knows which ear is right. I knew he knew them pretty well awhile back, say last spring/summer, but we haven't really done it with him since then so I assumed he might have forgotten, but I guess he's good :) I was pretty impressed with him. Maybe I should send him to school with Riley tomorrow!

Well, I'm off to put the finishing touches on another layout. Yay...keeping up on that good start I have. And it's so nice working in a clean room. Really going to try to keep it that way this time!


emilysue said...

sounds like you've got a pretty smart boy there,

but i don't have to tell you that

can't wait to see the LO when its done


Bella said...

Hehe he is so smart and cute!! Little monkey :)