Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Week in Review

My, I have had a busy, busy week. I probably don't even want to review it because afterward I'll have to go take a nap. But, to keep you all in the loop (and to post a few cute pics of my kids) here we go.

Monday afternoon I ended up, after a call to telehealth, taking Riley to the ER. The day before, Kieran had poked him in the eye with a plastic dinosaur. By Monday it was pretty red and a bit sore, so I called and they said I should take him in to make sure there were no scratches. We had a pretty long wait, but thankfully, due to some stories, a tv, and other kids to play with, Riley was well behaved. The doctor looked at him for all of 2 minutes before he told me that it would heal with time. I guess the 3 hours of waiting was a good start, lol. It's all healed now. I always have to call or get things checked out with Riley because he's made of steel or has no nerve endings or something...I swear the kid doesn't feel pain. So, just had to make sure there was no damage. Any other kid, after being poked in the eye that hard would have cried for a long time. Not Riley...a few seconds and he's over it.

Tuesday we went picking strawberries with Grammie and Grampie. It was a nice day for it...the perfect temperature and the berries were gorgeous. The kids all had fun picking/eating strawberries. I think Kieran picked two and ate 20. Of course, if you put those same berries on his plate at home he wants nothing to do with them. Have I mentioned he's picky?? Apparently, they are only good right off the plant. Haha. Riley had fun picking "dandies" as he and Grampie call them. "Too bad you didn't get any dandies, Mommy, I got them all." So cute.

My strawberry girl in a strawberry field :)
He has no problem eating here.
Riley covered in strawberries. Am I the only Winchester working here?
My cute babies :)

Wednesday was pretty low key. The cousins came to play in the afternoon. I tried to be Rachael Ray again at supper and the kitchen looked like a hurricane hit it by the end. 30 minutes, my tushie! I think RR needs to have three kids and then tell me how long it takes her to make a meal!!!


Practicing sun safety :)

Thursday morning I cleaned the fridge. And I mean take it all out...every shelf, every draw and scrub it kind of clean. It took me almost two hours of cleaning, dealing with the kids and spilling yogurt all over the floor, but I got it done. It's been bothering me for weeks. I also hung out laundry for the first time in forever since the weather's been so crappy. In the afternoon we had a playdate at the playground and then went to McHarg's house to play and for impromptu supper. They live close to the playground and Riley had to go to the bathroom so we made a pit stop and just stayed. I didn't plan it that way, honest ;) We had pancakes...Kieran's fave. I swear that kid would live on cereal and pancakes if we let him.

Friday morning we went to feed the animals at the "farm" a local nursery that has pigs, a horse, cow, goats, hens, peacocks, bunnies, ducks. The kids love to go there! They have a trail too with wooden faces on the trees and the boys love to spot them. Grampie came with us, it was nice to have the company. Then home to do laundry (I hung out two loads!) and back to Grammie and Grampie's in the afternoon to wash the van. The boys played water guns with Grampie...we all got wet and had fun. Thanks to Mom and Dad for supper, again :)

Saturday morning Riley had a soccer "mini-fest". He played 3 games of 20 minutes each. He is still kind of "space-y" a lot of the time....not really paying attention, but he sure has fun. He made a couple of nice stops. He loves to play defense/goalie, but at that age they don't really have positions, they all just chase the ball :) Really cute. They got timbits and a medal...Riley's perfect morning! Then we went to the Farmer's market, had lunch there, and then to get groceries. We did a kid swap with the cousins in the afternoon for playdates. Then a bonfire before bed...mmm...marshmallows.

Ok, I clearly messed up these pics, but you get the gist :) Happy boy!

Today we told the boys we'd count the money in their piggy banks and let them take some of it to buy a toy at the store. It was so cute. They each picked out a toy (Transformers) and gave the cashier their money and took their change all on their own. Why, oh why, didn't I take my camera? We get home, open the Transformers and, I kid you not, the instructions are 15-18 steps to transform the stupid things. It took Kevin 20 minutes or so to do one. They are supposed to be for ages 5+. Needless to say, they are going back tomorrow. There is no way either of the boys could do them and they'd be broken in a day. They actually took it pretty well, not being able to play with their toys. I felt so bad for them, they were so good all day and picked them out and paid all on their own. We'll have to get them something more appropriate tomorrow.

Phew. Busy week, but lots of fun! Hope we see the sun again this week. It disappeared again today :(


Jenn Di Paolo said...

I am exhausted just reading about it! You are amazing!!

TraceyT said...

I cannot get over how much B has grown! WOW!!

AbbieTorroll said...

you have been BUSY girl!! love all the photos!! and you DO have cute babies;D