Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More reveals

Today was our second July reveal at Treasured Scrapbooking. So many gorgeous projects from the girls on the DT there. Leslie's kits really rock...they are packed full of all kinds of gorgeous goodies.

I did *gasp* another card! I actually think I am starting to like making cards. (Diva, we've crossed to the dark side and it's kinda fun ;)). All of the supplies for this were made using Kit #1 from TS, with the exception of the bumble bee which is made by My Little Bit of Whimsy (definitely check out Steph's buttons too...amazing!). I created the flower using the 7Gypsies oval stamp and cutting out petals.

And here is another layout using the same kit. I just love all the aquas, oranges and browns in this kit. They inspired me to do my first layout of the trip to Greece I took in 2002. I had such fun with this!

I have tons of stuff left in this kit, so you haven't seen the end of it for sure!

And I have a couple more projects using my Scrap That! kit, including, you got it...another card (Amy, don't show's for his b-day, haha).

(The picture of this is a little was taken on a dreary day. The colours are brighter, irl).

This is a picture of Riley from last summer. I think he's just so cute. I'm proud of this pic that I took myself that looks exactly like the ones they wanted to sell me, lol!

I just came down from Riley's room. At 8:00 when he should be sleeping he wanted to have a talk about David and Goliath and heaven and Jesus. Sigh. Man, that kid knows how to postpone sleep, haha.

The boys went back to the toy store yesterday with their Transformers and got more age appropriate toys. Riley got a Transformer that is a stage below that one and loves that he can transform it all on his own. I took a picture of him with his big boy toy tonight (the batteries are dead on the camera...I'll have to show you later :)). Kieran got something that's like a Nerf slingshot with 2 balls. It's super easy for him to use and doesn't go too far. They're much happier now.

Well, I might just sit down to do another card...imagine :)


Vicki said...

gorgeous card and love those layouts - totally gorgeous!!!

Mara... said...

Great layout Amanda. And I loooove that card you made with the shaped cardstock, too cool!!

Michelle said...

I just love that card, its just so stunning! Your LO's are beautiful too! Hope you are having a great week!!

debbiefitz said...

Beautiful work, Amanda! I really love the flower you made with the TS stamp - so creative!

Tanya said...

aww I love the card with the little bee!!1 SA-weet work Amanda!