Thursday, July 23, 2009

More cards

I know...hard to believe, but here they are :)

This birthday card was made with my June Scrap That! kit. It was so full of fun, bright goodies! I love how these bright colours look against the kraft paper :)

And here's another one made with my Treasured Scrapbooking kit. The aquas and oranges have been so fun to work with. I just love them for vacation/summer projects :)

The kids are doing well. The boys have been in swimming lessons every day this week and next week too. They are loving it and doing an amazing job. It's so fun to watch them progress each day. The results are a lot more obvious than when they only go once a week. It's funny that the thing they have the most difficulty with is the bobs...just dunking under and back up again. I think they have some kind of mental block or something, haha. They put their face in and I think they believe they're putting their whole head in. Riley will swim when they tell him to bob, lol. Guess he's doing ok then :) Poor Kieran is shaking like a leaf with cold when he gets out, but he still loves every minute. I think he has my temperature control :)

Bridget is sweet. Getting her eye teeth. She knows and understands so much and I swear her vocabulary grows by the minute. She calls the swing 'whee' :) She says hi to everyone in the grocery store (repeatedly...if you see us, don't feel obligated to say it back 50 times). She's got a little bit of a red head temper and I have seen her lie herself down for a tantrum. She breaks into tears every time I say no (if only the boys had the same reaction!). She knows most of the parts of her body and I've been trying to work on colours. She loves to give her brothers hugs and kisses (again...repeatedly...she does nothing half assed, that girl :)).

So, life is crazy, but great! We wouldn't change a thing (ok, maybe my house could be a bit cleaner and I could get a bit more sleep...someday).

Oh, all you scrappy gals...stay tuned for the Scrap That! blog hop this weekend :) Here's a sneak peek of my project.


TraceyT said...

Your cards are adorable!!! So does this mean we will be seeing more?

Ann said...

Great cards! Love the 2U!

meluv2scrap said...

Love those cards!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute Cards!

Jenn Di Paolo said...

I love the cards; you're doing a fantastic job with them! Were you a closet card maker all along??? I love the little sneak, I can't wait to see the rest.

Tanya said...

awesome cards girl!!