Sunday, February 28, 2010

So early!

My kids get up early. Bridget is usually up around 5:45-6 and the boys get up at 6:30 only because we got them a clock and make them stay there and be quiet til it hits that time. They're usually awake before that...around 6ish or so. So, here I am blogging while they watch Diego. We were trying to watch the rest of the movie Atlantis, but Mommy is having technical difficulties with the DVD player (give me a break, I haven't had any coffee yet!). On Demand is so much easier to work, lol!

This is my first blog post on my brand new laptop. It's so pretty and the keyboard is so nice (and clean!) to type on. It even has a left shift key (which my old laptop lost long ago to little fingers). I think we've finally got most things transferred over and soon my old laptop will be lost to linux (as is the case with all old computers in my house...we now have 5. I may convince Kevin to give one up someday. I can't say much since I have a room full of scrapbooking supplies. I could use the 'I'm preserving memories line, but that doesn't usually fly :)).

I still need to take pictures of my newest layouts! As soon as the sun comes up (waaahhhh, it's so early!!), I will do that and try to post later today.

I should have really posted this sooner, but there's an awesome cyber crop going on at LCOM to welcome the new Design Team! There are some really fantastic challenges and games and fabulous prizes to be won. The deadline for challenges to be completed is Thursday so there's still lots of time to play!

I'm going out on a limb and applying for the Lily Bee design team. They are a newer company and this is their first DT call. LCOM is apparently the first Canadian retailer to sell their stuff (Tanya knows a good thing when she sees it and never fails to get us the coolest stuff out there!). Some of the stuff I wanted to use for this call was sold went fast! So, I have to work with what I have. Here is my first layout that I did for the call...still putting some finishing touches on my second:

Wish me luck!! I'm sure there's some pretty stiff competition, but it never hurts to try right? Any experience is good :)

Oh, I should mention too that I had a layout requested for Canadian Scrapbooker's Summer Edition. That makes a full year (ok, so it's only 4 issues, but still...) of being published with them. And it's still exciting. I have a take on the cover for the Spring issue that's out exciting to be asked to try out for the cover even if I didn't get it. The layouts that they picked for the cover and all the takes are AMAZING so it was awesome to just be included in that group!

Now we're watching Dora...sigh. Guess we'll go for breakfast soon so I can make my much needed coffee. Kieran isn't happy to be watching Dora because she's a girl. He likes Diego because he's a boy. He's been very into the boys are awesome and girls stink thing lately. He's not even 4! And he doesn't get it from Riley...he's quite content to be watching anything really, haha! The other day Kieran told us that boys were smarter than girls. We tried to convince him that that wasn't really the case, but I don't think he's buying it! I think one of the girls at preschool told him that she didn't like boys so he's retaliating.

I can't believe that Bridget is going to be 2 soon! Time sure flies! Though she certainly seems grown up. She can do some of getting dressed herself, puts on her coat and boots, she used the word 'either' in a sentence the other day which kind of surprised me, she understands and says so much and has word sounds that she shouldn't necessarily have for years (she actually says 'thank you' with a 'th' sound rather than 'tank you'...I'm not even sure Riley had that sound that early and his language skills were always above average) It's crazy...makes her seem so old. We're working on colours...she has a mental block there, but they're almost there I think. I'm still going to call her a baby at least until her birthday...and probably for a year or so after, haha.

Ok, I think I can go get breakfast now! Have a great day, everyone!

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love your LO!!

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