Sunday, February 21, 2010

Go, Canada, Go!!!

Are you watching the Olympics? We are and loving it! It's so nice to have something the whole family can watch and I love the cheers of the kids..."Go, Canada, Go!!!" They're totally into it! I could do without the dorky CTV hosts...blech. But all in all we're enjoying it. Big hockey game tonight. I'm so not into hockey, but it should be fun to watch even for me :)

Sorry to all my loyal fans (hahahahaha) for not posting in so long. There have been several times I've been going to and realized that I had nothing to say :) But, I've been slapped on the hand by several people. So here it babbling on about nothing! I tried changing the blog around. I'm not happy with the header really...I like the picture but not the title colours. I got tired of playing with it though, so there it is! And the background is a V-day one, but I figure since I haven't blogged at all in January, that's all good. Plus, it matches the picture colours :)

I had dinner with some fun gals on Friday night (my sister-in-law and cousins-in-law...oh, and my lovely new niece who slept through a lot of it). It was so much fun to get out, have a glass of wine (and a very spicy, spicy good, but I think my mouth is still burning!) and lots of laughs. Thanks for the night out girls!!

Yesterday Kevin and I went to an auction. We didn't end up buying anything, but we saw the process (we'd never been to one before) and it was nice to be out together. The kids had fun at Grammie and Grampie's. Yesterday morning Kieran actually informed me that he was going to live there when he grows up. Heehee. He called Grammie to inform her. Then in the afternoon we went to the museum. There was a nice new interactive exhibit on meteorites which the kids really liked. Of course the big draw is always just playing in the playroom there (you know, cuz it's so much cooler than the 1000 toys they have here!). We had supper with the cousins which is always fun :) Wow, tonight we ordered pizza so I just realized I haven't cooked supper in a really long time, lol! Guess pork chops are on the menu for tomorrow.

Today was a relaxing day...went to church, made some cards (while B had a really long nap...nice!), did a bit of cleaning, watched some Olympics and ate pizza...perfect day to me!

Well, I must be off to watch the hockey game with Kevin and do some scrapping. I have yet to take pictures of my most recent layouts, but here's one I did for challenge on LCOM a few weeks ago. Keep in mind that the challenge was "playful" so I decided to use some bright colours. Very different for me, but I still kind of like's fun!

Good night all, and happy reading to at least Jill, Kim, probably some Amys, and my parents and all of my other adoring fans who choose to remain anonymous, lol!


Bella said...

I like that l/o! But, I do like all your l/os :D
And cute pic of B finger painting!

Jill said...

It is about time :)
Thanks for the update.

emilysue said...

so glad you finally updated


Danielle said...

You are so creative, Amanda!
It's awesome that you make time in your day to scrapbook.
Let me know when you're doing a class. Maybe your creativity will rub off!