Tuesday, August 11, 2009


There be an X marks the crop cyber crop happenin' over at Treasured Scrapbooking!! Check out all the fun challenges and games all me matey's have to offer :) And there be lots o' loot to be had so sail on over before I make ye walk th' plank!!

(Ok, I'm done with the pirate talk, lol!) Here's my fun new avatar that Cristal was so kind to do for me. She's done quite a few of them for the girls over at TS. Thanks, Cristal! You rock!

Here's the "In my Treasure Box" challenge that I issued:

Aaarrgghhh, ye has found me treasure box!! Open it if ye dare, but remember ye must use all the items found in the box for yer layout!

Here are the items:

A scroll which is marked with this quote: There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates loot on Treasure Island. - Use this as your title/subtitle or in your journaling.
Gold coins - use something gold on your layout
Buttons - at least 3
A threaded needle - stitch on your layout (hand or machine)
Jewels - show me some bling!
A journaling pen - use it!! This layout must have some journaling!

And here's my sample:

I know you all need a fix of cute pics of my kids, heehee. Here are some pictures of our trip to the Hopewell Rocks:

Riley making a pirate face :)

It was a fun day and perfect weather. I thought it would be cold by the ocean but it was beautiful!

Ok, some fun Riley-isms:

Today Riley said, "Mommy, what's that kind of mayonnaise that isn't mayonnaise?"
Me: "You mean, when we call it mayo?"
Riley: "No, not the mayonnaise that we eat, the mayonnaise that you don't eat."
Me: "Riley, you can eat all types of mayonnaise."
Riley: "But, on Arthur today, they were in a helicopter and they were saying, 'mayonnaise, mayonnaise!"
Me: "You mean...mayday?"
Riley: "YES!"

Heehee! I then explained what it meant and he still later was saying "maydaise"!

He was also calling his pretend torch, a tortoise, lol.

And, oddly enough, a fun Kieran-ism. When we were at Hopewell Rocks the other day I ended up carrying Kieran a lot. He hadn't had much of a nap and it's a lot of walking. As I was carrying him, he sneezed on me. I said, "bless you." He starts wiping at my shoulder and says, "I bless you'd on you." Heehee!! He's a cutie!

Bridget has been showing some of her red-headed nature lately. I think she thinks it's funny to go to a time-out like the boys (heaven knows she's seen enough of them). She was hitting and throwing things today and walked around most of the day with a scowl on her face. Then she would go sit in her time out (several of these were self inflicted) and say, "now, now?" because the boys are always saying, "can I get up now?" Well, she's even cute in a scowly time out. It's all I can do to not laugh right at her :)

Ok, it must be almost bedtime. Oh, quickly (as I remember what I have to do before I go to bed) I had a layout requested for the Winter issue of Canadian Scrapbooker! Yay! I have to get it all ready to be mailed before I turn in :) Have a great night all!!

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Jenn Di Paolo said...

You're such a cute pirate. :) I love your LO and the mayo/mayday conversation...I'm not sure how you would scrap it, but you should! LOL!