Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Riley's a preschool graduate and a new LO

Today was Riley's graduation from preschool.  Can you believe it? What a big boy! Kevin says that it isn't really a graduation because he didn't have to fulfill any requirements to graduate.  He says, Riley could have eaten paste all year and he still would have graduated.  Thankfully, that wasn't the case :) Riley has learned a lot at preschool and has enjoyed it so much.  Poor Kieran is just itching to go...I'm sure September can't come soon enough! 

Honestly, you would have thought that it was a high school graduation with all of the people.  The parents AND grandparents in that class are really involved so it was crowded and hot! And I had to park quite far away.  I was all set up to be early but then I remembered that I had forgotten to get the sprinkles for the sundae party (big forgetting something!).  Well, a sundae ust isn't a sundae without sprinkles so I had to pack up the 3 kids and go get them. I stopped at a drug store first because it was closest, praying they would have some. Nope.  I sprinted back to the car and drove to the grocery store, sprinted in, headed for the bakery aisle...nothing.  I swear I was cursing right there in the aisle.  I asked an employee for help and, silly me, I hadn't looked at the end of the aisle two aisles down from where all the baking supplies are! What was I thinking?! Anyway, $11 worth of sprinkles later I'm sprinting back to the car and we head to the concert.  Thank goodness Grampie was there looking out for us to help get the kids in the building, especially since I had to park way down the road (yup, parking lot was full).

The ceremony was really cute...they did some songs and verses.  Riley even participated and did the actions which is more than I can say for last year when he and one of the other little girls were practically rolling around on the floor and playing with their shoes! The teachers made a really sweet DVD with all the pictures of the kids taken all year set to tear-jerking music and we all got a copy. They played it this morning but Kieran was a wee bit distracting to watch it.  The ice cream was a big hit, of course! They just loved getting to pick their own toppings :)

So...on to kindergarten :) Riley has a practice day on Friday...even gets to take his lunch! He's pretty excited.  

I finished another LO with my Scrap That! kit. I'm kind of liking the grey/orange combo. I took this picture of Riley awhile ago and I take it out every once in awhile to scrap and then put it away. Guess I was just waiting for the right papers :)


Cin Cin said...

Congrats on acheiving a new milestone! Love the LO!

Tanya said...

LOVE this layout girl!! I hope you submit!

Jodi said...

Love this Amanda!!!!

Mara... said...

Sounds like graduation was fun!! And what a great layout, love those circles.