Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm three! Yahoo!

Kieran was very excited that today was his real birthday and that he was finally three! "It's my real birthday? I'm three? Yahoo!" So cute! I think he's kind of like his Mommy with his love of his birthday :) His party was yesterday and he had a great time playing, opening presents and eating cake. Luckily it was nice enough out that the kids could play and eat cake outside, thus limiting some mess inside my house! He got his '"t-ball thing" and his "boy race track" so all was good! He also got a lot of other fantastic gifts that he loves and that have kept him occupied through today (for which Mommy is thankful!). He was very polite and very thankful for all his cute!  I don't even think he realized that he was going to get a present from everyone...he was just happy it was his day and he had a hockey cake, lol! That is...a hockey stick, a hockey puck and a hockey ball....he was very specific! I tried my best...not my most impressive cake, but he was happy :)  He even sang happy birthday to himself and beamed the whole time!  Bridget also sang happy birthday the rest of the day, or rather, "Ha Buh" in Bridget speak, heehee!  I can't believe he's three already! Time sure does fly by.  I'm a little sad to say goodbye to 2..I think it's such a cute year and 3 from all I've seen is crazy!  Hopefully, I'll deal better with it the second time around! 

The hockey stick, ball and puck.  Yes, the puck is just a round cake and looks nothing like a puck, but you can convince a three year old of anything :) And we actually do have an orange hockey ball so that's good.  The stick is a little sad, but if you saw what I had to deal with before it was frosted, this is a miracle.  Should have taken a before picture!

Kieran joining along in a rousing "Happy Birthday!!"

Bridget wondering where her cake is :)

Kieran's present opening stance, lol! He opened most of his gifts in this position :)

A few cute kid stories:

The other day Riley was playing pretend.  He had a hotel with a zoo in it and he was the zookeeper. I was a person coming to stay in the hotel and he asked me my name so I told him my name was Alice.  He said, "nice to meet you, my name is John," and he shook my hand (so cute, I know).  Kieran was there paying close attention so I asked him what his name was and he told me he was "different John", heehee! Maybe he'll have a better imagination now that he's three!

One night we were having supper with my parents and the salad had almonds in it. Riley picked up an almond and said that he was going to "make it a present for his mouth". LOL!

Bridget has her second top molar. She's also taken one step about three times now...just one :) She can stand for a long time by herself but is still hesitant to take those steps.  I'm not in any hurry, I'm busy enough!! Besides, she's my last baby...those are my last first steps so I'd kind of like to savour them too...maybe she knows that.

Oh, one more. The other night we had bbq'd hamburgers for supper.  Kieran now, amongst all his other picky habits, doesn't like anything barbecued because he doesn't like "black stuff" (and if you know how Kevin barbecues then there's very little avoiding that!).  So, he wanted his hamburger without the meat. I took it off and he had a bun, a cheese slice and ketchup.  Then he asked for a second hamburger, with no meat, lol!  We call it a Kieran burger!

I haven't had much of chance to scrap lately with all the cleaning, party planning, baking.  I'm hoping to get back into it this week!


Sarah said...

That cake is awesome! Great job with it and glad your DS had a great bday.

Sarah said...

That cake is awesome! Great job with it. Glad you DS enjoyed his bday!

Terri said...

Amanda, this is just the cutest post & your kids say the cutest things!! So, so happy Kieran had such a wonderful birthday & is having such fun with his new toys!!

Jenn Di Paolo said...

Fantastic cake! I'll have to show the pic to Sofia, she's obsessed with hockey lately. Great 'kid' stories...I love the hamburger without the burger! :)

TraceyT said...

I know I've said it before, but you are the Queen of bday cakes. LOVE this. Glad to hear everyone had fun. Happy B-day, K!

Vicki said...

awww i love the cake, so cute!!!

Michelle Lanning said...

you did an awesome job!
And I love those little stirues -- they do grow up fast!

AbbieTorroll said...

that cake is the coolest!! glad he had a fun birthday!

Shirley said...

That cake is the cutest thing! So glad it was a good birthday!