Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'A Good Day' or 'How Cute Are My Kids??'

It's been a nice day. I took Riley out of school early for an orthodontist appointment. Man, that stuff starts young...orthodontists, opthamologists! So many years of appointments left! At least we got to play hooky and have lunch together and run a few errands. It was fun! So nice to spend some one on one time with Riley. Thanks to Mom for looking after the other 2!

While we were out at Michael's Riley picked up some stickers of mythological creatures...a dragon, a hydra, a griffin, etc. When we got home he made a little book titled, 'Hawe to fight ferse thing' (traslation: 'How to Fight Fierce Things'). It's actually really good. He put a sticker of each creature on a page and then describes how you should best fight that particular beast. Apparently to fight dragons you need a bow and arrow. Then, "go to a very fare plac and shot!" LOL! I love it! To fight a Griffin you need, "a banch of sords. You hid and throw." Finally, to fight a troll you, "need a sord. He swings down lowe you jamp and swing." So creative! Then, get this, he says he wants to send it to someone. I think, "that's so cute." I asked him who he wanted to send it to he said, "someone who will make a lot of copies, then I want to put them in a store." Heehee. My 6 year old is looking to get published already! Awesome! He is too amazing. He later told Kevin that he wanted to have a fighting store where he would sell Nerf weapons, fake creatures and copies of his book. Don't worry, I'll let you know when the grand opening is. Save up, a fake dragon can't be cheap ;)

Yesterday I did preschool duty for Kieran's class. He always loves it when I go and then ends up being whiny and clingy by the end. But we had fun, despite that he never wants to paint or do arts and crafts with me, haha. It's all playing in the sand and blocks. Boys! I guess we did do a little play-doh. Today, randomly while I was reading him a story he reached over, rubbed my cheek and said, "I like when you're on duty." This is the next day! He is so sweet :) I guess it's worth it.

Another Kieran thing...he wanted me to sing him Do, A Deer at bedtime. While I'm singing he says, "this is a good song because it has a deer in it." Umm...ok, I guess so :)

Bridget got glasses last week and Kieran got new ones. I tried to get decent pictures on the day, and the next morning even, but the kids weren't so cooperative, but it'll give you a good laugh :)

Here are my little artists at work one snow day last week :)

Bridget has been asking for so many weird things at bedtime. She'll call asking for lip balm. The other day she told Kevin it was ok because, "Mommy lets me share her lip balm." :) Tonight she wanted Kieran's hippo stuffie. It was already in his bed so we had to do a trade for her fish stuffie. Oh, the many jobs of a parent :) Kieran actually got up not that long ago to go to the bathroom. Apparently he took off his pj pants and his underwear and put them back on in the reverse order. He may wonder tomorrow when his underwear are on the outside :) As he was stumbling back to bed he told Kevin he wanted his hippo back. He was ok with it when we told him he'd have to wait, haha.

Here's a new layout...it's been awhile :) I'm having so much fun scrapping pics that Lynette Mason took for us last fall. She also took the one that is my blog header now. It's my fave and I need to get it blown up big!

I finished one of Kiearn tonight too but I have to wait for the light to take a picture :)

Ok, off to devote my full attention to How I Met Your Mother. We are so, so addicted. We're watching Season 4 right now. Gotta love having tv on DVD.

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Carolyn said...

I laughed out loud so many times reading this post! Your kids are hilarious! The picture you have for your header is amazing. Oh, and isn't How I Met Your Mother awesome!! I LOVE that show.

One of these days I will be inspired enough reading about and looking at your scrapbooking stuff to actually do it myself :) I have an excellent model now.