Thursday, May 20, 2010

Since we last met...

I've become a runner. Well, at least I run :) I've been going out with a couple of friends and it really helps to stay motivated. Don't want to fall behind. I'm very bad at just going out by myself so I love having buddies to go with. The other night we ran 8.5K...phew!! I couldn't believe it and we were all totally proud and bragging the next day! We even went last night in a cold rain! Me, out in the cold rain. I am always freezing and don't even like to walk to my car in a cold rain, lol! But I did it and it feels awesome after (and even more awesome after a hot shower :)).

I promised some pictures of my latest creations. I realized, there aren't that many. I actually did a sweet album for Mom for Mother's Day but was too lazy to take any pictures. But, take my word for it, it was pretty awesome, haha. Here's some stuff I did take some pictures of...

The clipboard was a gift. I'm actually making 2 more as gifts and think then it will be time to make one for me :) I love them! I have at least one more layout I haven't photographed yet. If I don't need pictures for a challenge or an assignment I guess I'm very lazy about taking them!

And what post is complete without pictures of my beautiful children :) Oh, a quick Bridget funny first (I'm sure there have been so many more, really need to write them down when they happen). We were at my parents' house the other day and Bridget started running towards my dad and mom said, "Here comes trouble!" Well, Bridget stopped suddenly and turned around looking for 'trouble'. "Where trouble?" was so funny!

Kieran's at kind of an uncooperative age for pictures :)

My reason for just letting the dandelions cute is she?

Bridget pretending to sleep in her big bed. She actually is sleeping in it now, but that night she went back in her crib because she wouldn't settle. Only took a few days to get her used to it though. She loves it and loves showing everyone her big bed. She gets so excited :)

The kids in the bouncy castle the morning of Kieran's birthday party. When they saw it all set up it was a little like Christmas morning :)

Hope you all have a great long weekend. I hear the weather is supposed to be great, yay!!


Vicki said...

hi miss amanda,
i hope you're well. i love the card and clipboard - very cute. enjoy the running!!!

Dana said...

This is gorgous Amanda. This looks Vintage wouldn't you say! I love it! The colours, the embellishments are so wonderful. I think that this is something I would like to do. Are the flourishes and everything rub-ons or stamps. Whatever the case you have done a great job.