Wednesday, May 5, 2010

He's 4!!

Kieran's 4th birthday was yesterday. Who knew he was born on Star Wars day....May the fourth be with you...ah, how cheesy :) He now also shares his birthday with his new cousin, Evan! Congrats to Adam and Julia!!

His birthday party was Saturday and I'm such a bad mother that I haven't uploaded any pictures yet. I do however have pictures of his cake (here ya go, Jill...isn't it totally skookum??)

He had a fun time at his party. We rented a bouncy castle and actually had it set up in our playroom for when they woke up Saturday morning. It was like Christmas :) We moved it outside for the party though. We were lucky to have such a gorgeous day. I refused to let anyone in the house, haha!

He had his 'special day' at preschool yesterday. Basically, it means we bring the snack and he gets to wear a crown and be the leader to wash hands before snack. Heehee! All the kids love it though and really look forward to their special day. Oh, I guess they sing Happy Birthday too :) I also took him out for lunch after for a Happy Meal and we picked out some books at the bookstore. The downside to all of this is that both Kieran and Bridget missed naps so the afternoon was not too fun. We had one of Kieran's favourite suppers...pancakes. Second only to hot dogs I think :)

And, ok...this may only be exciting for me, today he zipped the zipper on his coat. He's been trying for awhile but just got it today. I told him it was because he was a big boy now :)

Oh, and a little Kieran funny :) We were at Kevin's sister's place on Sunday for her birthday. I thought Kieran knew why we were going. Anyway, we were having the kids guess the adults ages (always a fun game, lol) and someone said something about a birthday and Kieran says, "Grown ups have birthdays too???" He sounded genuinely cute :)

Since I don't have any pictures of the party yet, I'll share some cute ones of Kieran and Bridget. They actually called me into the playroom to take their picture. They're both sitting in a little green rocker together and knew Mommy would want pictures :)

Don't ask me why Kieran is wearing gloves. I can't remember, but he's probably also wearing shorts :)

More exciting news...ok, again, probably only for me...I went for a run last night. Well, more of a walk, run, walk, run, repeat, but it's a start :) It was nice to get some form of exercise other than vacuuming and chasing my kids around. Thanks to Liz for letting me tag along :)

I've been scrapping on and off. I was actually kicked off the island on scrap-ivor, lol. With all of the birthday preparations I didn't get my layout done in time. Still cheering on my team though!

Here are some things I've created recently but don't think I've shared on the ol' blog :)

Hmm...only 2 cards. Think some project pictures must still be on my camera too :) I'll have to get some pictures up soon!

Happy Wednesday! Half-way through the week, yay!!


Stacy said...

Love this cake!!!! Very cool, and your pics are tooo cute. Great cards also.

Bella said...

Your cake was awesome! And I love the pics of Bridget and Kieran! They are so adorable!