Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My new fave show, kid updates, scrappy stuff

Well, I might as well blog while I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance! Can I just say, that I totally love this show! I got hooked last year when I would be up in the middle of the night nursing Bridget. They would rerun the show at least a couple of times through the night so I would end up catching most of all of the episodes. I love the dances and I love the judges...they are so nice. Even when they are critical, they aren't mean, which is refreshing compared with most other reality shows. I also love the hostes...I have no idea what her name is, lol, but she's cute. Ok, there ya go...go tune in and you'll be hooked!

And speaking of my darling daughter, she is just the cutest baby ever. No offence to all you other mothers out there, but she really is :) However, this isn't the greatest thing when I'm trying to put her to bed. Tonight she just kept looking up at me and smiling. Then she would lay her head down and put it up for a kiss, repeatedly. Then she started blowing raspberries on my belly and laughing her head off (sigh, that laugh is too infectious so soon we were both laughing our heads off). Although, when I'd finally had enough she wasn't too happy when I put her in her bed and left. I did end up going back and rocking her to sleep after she fussed awhile...nothing better than snuggling a sleeping baby!

And, I can tell you about this because there is no way I'll ever get a picture, I've tried. She makes the funniest face when she wants something to eat. She just opens her mouth so wide and stares at you. No noise at all. Sometimes I'll be eating something and holding her and I'll look over and there's this huge, open mouth in my face. Totally cracks me up. I've tried to get a picture and no success and she'll probably stop doing it soon. She also, believe it or not, has a different look for when she wants a drink of something you have...looks more like an open fish mouth, lol.

She also won't say please, she just smiles, haha. Maybe she thinks I'm saying cheese...I do take her picture a lot :)

The boys are great. Riley had soccer tonight. I'm still not sure if he really gets it. It's after supper so he's tired and he's just all over the place. In his own typical Riley world :) I'm not sure he knows what direction he's supposed to be going half the time, but he's loving it! So cute watching them all play. And poor some pictures of him sitting on his ball on the sidelines watching. He loves going more than Riley I think.

Speaking of Kieran, he and Bridget are such great buddies. They really have this sweet connection. Always want to be hugging one another. So cute! And he'll go and get her toys when she's crying, even surrendering some of his favourites. I hope they are all always so close! Riley and Kieran are playing together better these days too, now that Kieran is old enough to 'get' stuff, haha, i.e. follow orders :) Most days, things go smoothly in the house now (note smooth does not mean quiet or neat...just without major breakdowns!).

We had our second reveal at Treasured Scrapbooking on June 15th. Here is my second LO that I made with the kit. I also have a third, but it's still in progress :)

Grampie's Girl...can Ijust say that is a totally accurate title! She turns down many people in favour of Grampie!

Treasured Scrapbooking is having a cyber crop this weekend so pop on over for some fun challenges and games!!

Here's a few cute pics of the kids from our church bbq last weekend. I honestly thought it would be Riley's first time puking from just eating too much (ahhh, what a scrapworthy moment that would have been, heehee). Thankfully, he kept ALL that food down.

Racing towards the lake after her brothers.

My crazy husband out in the lake with my precious little boys! Thank goodness they didn't fall in...I'm much happier with them on land. They get a little wild so the thought of him not being able to see them both at the same time in a canoe worries me!

My boys...happiest in the water!

Heehee! That girl can pack away almost as much food as Riley :) She was chowing down on the peppers.


Cin Cin said...

Cute pics :) Love that LO :) :) :)

TraceyT said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!!!!!!

Sarah said...

So cute! Love that LO and Bridget is such a cutey! Kind of hard not to laugh when they are that cute right?

Eva said...

Hehehe...such cute pictures and awesome layout!!!

Karen said...

I love all the photos!! And, that layout is so it!!

Shirley said...

Fun photos and love your TS kit work!

Michelle Lanning said...

awe just adorable -- and I love that show too! It is one of the only shows that can make me stop scrapping at night!