Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A rainy Wednesday

I must say, part of me is glad that it's raining today so that I don't have to goop up my kids with sunscreen and lug them outside. Though, I guess it does make for kind of a long day when Bridget gets up at 5:15...yawn.

Let's get a few kid stories out of the way before I move on to the scrappy stuff :)

I'm not sure if I've ever told you about Lem. Lem is Riley's imaginary friend. I have no idea where he got the name from. Lem's been with us for about a year, on and off. I must say, it's a bit freaky when your kid is having conversations with someone that isn't there. I know it's perfectly normal but it's weird. And I don't even watch that many scary movies, haha. Sometimes, I'll hear Riley talking and ask him, "what did you say, I couldn't hear you." "Oh, I was just talking to Lem." He'll even argue with him, like he needs someone else to do that with! One day he just kept saying "nu-uh" in the back of the van and no one else was talking. I asked him who he was talking to...Lem, of course. Heehee. Oh, and Lem recently got a new friend, Rainda (I seriously have no idea about these names...good thing we didn't let him name Bridget!).

The other day I took the kids for a walk and, of course, the boys were running. Well, Riley fell flat out and skinned his knee. He got right back up and kept on running. On the way home, Kieran did the same thing. You'd have thought he needed a wheelchair the way her was acting. He cried until lunchtime and even left the lunchtable mid-lunch to go lie on the couch and put his leg up. He didn't even want to get into bed for a nap because it would hurt his leg *eye roll*. For the next day or so he limped around and held up his shorts so they wouldn't touch it (it even had a band-aid). Let's hope he never needs stitches!!

Today, we were listening to the radio at lunch and Martina McBride came on. Riley said that sometime when the 'radio people' are singing he imagines what they look like. I asked him what he thought Martina looked like. He said, short brown hair....kind of like Velma on Scooby-Doo. Hahaha. Don't tell Martina!

Oh, how about a couple of cute kid pics too :) Cuz, they're just so adorable!

(The boys got a lot of scrapes that day, but they sure did have fun climbing that tree!).

Ok, on the the scrap talk!

I've got a great new site to tell you all about!! Let's Capture our Memories is a great new board that was started by my good friend, Tanya! There's lots of Pawsie girls hangin' out over there now that Janique is closing shop. It so nice that's she's created a new place for us all to hang out! There's lots of fun challenges going on already and lots of great chatter. Be sure to check it out. I'm also hosting a scrapjack challenge have until this evening to sign up. We'll be lifting a LO by the super talented Danielle Flanders!

I did a couple of LOs at a crop on the weekend but they aren't completely done yet. I do have one to show you that will be in the Treasured Scrapooking newsletter this month. I did a sketch challenge. So here is the LO and the sketch:

That's all for now...I think Bridget is waking from her nap. She's developed a cough in the past couple of days. Hope we're not in for another round of sickness! Have a great rainy Wednesday!


TraceyT said...

You do such a great job with sketches. FAB page.

Tanya said...

WOW, great sketch girl! Poor little boys and their scrapes : (
Wow, Lem is a diff name!


Mara... said...

Great sketch and layout, Amanda! And I am laughing about the imaginary friend story. I didn't have to deal with that with my kids, but I think it's cute!

Jazzy1972 said...

Love the sketch and the pictures, great lo too. Jay xx

MyLittleTeapot said...

another amazing layout amanda! Love all your works!