Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter, kid updates, new scrappiness

Easter was fun in our house.  We were up at 6am (well, Bridget slept in until 7:15 or so) and the egg hunt was complete by 6:17, LOL!  It was actually more even than I thought it would be. Guess I underestimated Kieran's hunting abilities.  I think the split was 12 for Riley, 9 for Kieran. When Riley saw what the Easter bunny brought (some treats, a new Play-Doh toy and a sticker book) he declared, "I must be special." It was too cute.  And Kieran, everytime he found a plastic egg, he would open it up, say, "candy" and close it again.  Every time.  Just in case. :)  We had a big breakfast with mom and dad, then off to church (where I just found out today that Kieran was doing somersaults behind the minister during the children's story.  sigh.) and a big family dinner at Nana's house.  It was a fun day!

My funny bunny :)

My guys decorating eggs (yes, even Kevin did one!  And yes, that is still Bridget's b-day sign...don't worry, I finally took it down today :)).

The loot!


I can't believe how fast the kids are growing!  Here are some updates.


Says No (her fave word, haha), cat, bye, night night, woof woof, mama, dada...I think that's most of it.  She does try to mimic a lot of words and actions though.
Is pulling herself up on everything and walking along things and even between things.  Will push anything that will give in order to walk.  Very close to standing on her own.
Still getting up at least once and up to 3 or 4 times some nights
Trying to transition to one nap a day 
Has Riley's appetite :)
Has Kieran's scowl :)


In a matter of weeks it seems, he can now reach the kitchen light switch
Loves to jump, tumble, wrestle
Is a VERY picky eater and will chew one bite of food for up to 20 min or so 
Loves to sing...his faves are Prince Ali and Little Einsteins
Likes to sleep with Artemis on his bed
Loves Franklin books
Can recognize over half his letters
Can count to at least 12
Can kick my butt at Wii bowling (it was 201 to 132 today)


Typical of Riley, he is using large words (and in the correct context) Words like "apparently, noticed, actually, assume"  "Apparently, my jacket isn't zipped." Heehee
Loves to read any and all books
Is very into playing superheroes and Star Wars
Is starting to draw actual pictures (Star Wars characters, the Easter bunny)
Wants to have "big boy" jobs to help around the house
Can also kick my butt at Wii bowling, lol

On to the scrappiness.  I have a new LO finished for the Scrap That! DT.  This is a picture that I've been meaning to scrap for awhile.  The journaling reads, "I'm not sure what you two were fighting/crying about this day.  But to save my sanity, I just had to laugh and grab the camera!"

 My last LO, "Buds" was accepted into the Basic Grey gallery, which I was pretty pleased about.  I may submit this one as well.  I also forgot to mention that I had four LOs published in Scrapbook News and Review, an e-zine, in thier March issue.  They were my first publications so I was pretty excited about that too :).  

I am really looking forward to the Paws crop this weekend! Can't wait to chat, eat and, oh yeah, I might scrap a bit too! Looking forward to hangin' with you, girls!


TraceyT said...

Glad to hear you all had a great Easter. C is using words like apparently, etc. too. It seems to funny. Love your page.

Debbie said...

love your layout Amanda! thanks for visiting my blog!

AbbieTorroll said...

congrats on having that LO published in the gallery!! that is awesome!!cute new pictures too!!

Tanya said...

Look at those cute little bunny ears!!

Shirley said...

What fun Easter photos! I remember those fun days when our girls were younger!