Friday, October 3, 2008

My day thus far...

4:54 - wake up and realize B has been sleeping all night
5:15 - can't sleep, go pee, check on B
6:00 - B finally wakes up just as I'm drifting back to sleep, go change and nurse her
6:30 - crawl back into bed for a bit while Kevin is downstairs with the boys (who woke while I was in with B)
7:00 - Kevin comes to me up and the day really begins, I get breakfast for me and go downstairs while boys play/fight, check Paws site (yes, I am addicted) and email
7:28 - say good-bye to Kevin, wish him luck with his meeting
7:33 - B is up, feed her cereal, R gets dressed (ok, rolls around half naked on his bed for awhile until I threaten to call his teacher and tell her that he's not coming to school, then he gets dressed)
7:50 - wrestle Kieran into his clothes (he wants to keep jammies on) that Riley picked out because K is stubborn
8:00 - wash face, straighten hair so I don't look like a crazy person, brush teeth, get dressed (yell at boys, the usual)
8:15 - brush kids' teeth, gather sweaters for the day
8:27 - go downstairs and nurse B before we climb into the car
8:40 - get kids into shoes, drag/push them out the door while trying not to let cats out (they always say now, "I'm ready to run, mom" LOL), run back into house to search for keys, find them the third place I look, run back out, get them into seats while yelling, "don't touch that, don't do that"!
8:58 - get to preschool, get them out of seats, "Riley, get your backpack!", into school, chase K around while R hangs up backpack/coat and washes his hands, chat with some moms, make R hug me good-bye (like he cares), chase K back to car (threaten to leave without him a couple of times), try to stop him from jumping in puddles with sneakers, get 2 kids into car, drive to superstore
9:15 - arrive at Superstore, get B into sling and K out of carseat, look for a 'car cart' so that K can't maul B while I shop
9:20 - K wants to see the 'monsters' (aka lobsters), visit lobsters, get groceries (debate what ham Kevin would want me to buy, lol), smile at all the people who talk to B (yes, she is gorgeous and hard to resist, but I'm trying to get groceries people!), find a short line, pay for groceries (kids were pretty good, bribed K with chocolate milk, heehee), go to car, unpack cart (remember...all this with a baby in a sling pushing one of those awful car carts...I'd say that's my exercise for the day).
10:12 - leave Superstore, there's a red light by the Tim's so I see that as a sign to go get a 1/2 coffee, 1/2 French Vanilla, get home, take K into house, unpack van, take B into house, leave her in her carseat while I take groceries upstairs and put them away, get K a snack
10:33 - nurse B while K watches some tv, surf the internet, B falls asleep in my lap
10:48 - wake her up to go get R, make K pee on potty, I quickly pee and heat up my coffee which I take with me
11:03 - get to school, K goes outside to play with kids, drink the rest of my coffee, get R's backpack, chat with moms, bribe kids with chocolate milk (it was a long bribe since I saved it for lunch), pile them back into car
11: 25 - get home, make kids wash hands, change B (who had leaked out of her diaper...nice), make 3 different things for lunch, sit down to feed B and eat, K made a huge mess with zoodles, clean it up, sit down to eat again, K has to pee on potty, get up to help him, sit down and finish eating, feeding B, clean boys up, clean B up
12: 15 - read Yertle the Turtle to kids before quiet time (a boy on each side, B on my lap eating her sock...yes, it was clean), sing Skinnamarink to K, kisses and hugs for naptime
12:25 - take B and R downstairs, set R up to play Nick Jr. games, nurse B and put her down for a nap
12:40 - check Paws, post the Friday Fun Poll, update blog
1:11 - turn on General Hospital (my quiet time) and finish blog update

Ok...are ya tired yet???  I am and my head is starting to pound!  That is pretty much a typical school day (in fact, usually there's more fighting and we only go to the Superstore once a week so most days the during school part is less hectic).  

I have one new LO to show you based on last week's sketch at Paws.  Fun paper :) 

Riley's preschool went to Brunswick Nurseries on Wednesday (I should have blogged about that day...I took K and B with me to BN with him, then to the playground which was also part of the trip...more exhausting than today!).  They had a great time feeding the animals and walking the trail.  Then to the playground for playtime and a snack.  I got a few cute pics from the day.

Happy Friday everyone!!  Looking forward to a somewhat more relaxing afternoon!

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TraceyT said...

I love what you did with that sheer and your journaling!!! Clever