Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Walk with Riley

Tonight Riley and I took Oz for walk after supper. He was excited to have some special time with Mom. We were probably gone 20-25 minutes. I swear Riley talked non-stop the ENTIRE way. There was much more than this but here is a sampling:

"Mommy, I want to collect things on our walk. Like last Thanksgiving when we collected leaves for the table. That was fun. And I got to sit at the table with the leaves. And at the grown up table too. It had leaves too. I got to sit at both. That was a good supper. And New Year's when we had those little things (appetizers) for supper. That was a good supper too. Those were my favourite suppers of last year!"

"I like the way the water flows in the ditch. I want a skateboard (we saw boys on skateboards...). The first move I'm going to learn is one like this (Riley demonstrates flipping a skateboard). That would be cool. Jake has a skateboard."

"Why is that dog barking at Oz? Do dogs always bark at Oz when you take him for a walk? Are they the same dogs? I remember when we walked down this hill before..."

"I can't wait until we have our little authors celebration at school! I'm one of the little authors!!"

And so on, and so on. I wish I had a tape recorder with me. It was so cute!

As promised, here are some pictures from Bridget's birthday party.

The look on Bridget's face when she looked in the fridge and saw her cake for the first time. Makes all those hours of baking and decorating totally worth it!

All decked out in her new hat and purse. Totally stylin' with her jammies :)

Bridget with her giant frog she got on her birthday shopping excursion with Daddy :)

A birthday dance with Kieran.

A fairy princess opens her gifts.

Not sure what she's up to here but it makes me giggle :)

That dress is so cute and it's got some great twirl to it! She was twirling all day.

Love it! Thanks to Bampie for capturing this picture!

Cake anticipation.

Make a wish. Actually, I think the only wish at this point was to eat cake!

It was a fun day. I can't believe she's three already. But, man, can you tell. She now has that three year old attitude. Fun times!

Here are some of my current layouts.

This one is my current fave. I started it for a challenge at Tally, but I failed to meet the requirement to have 2 pictures. I managed to make it monochromatic, have a title be a Green Day song lyric, and include something from nature (birch bark). Oh well, it turned out to be one of my favourite layouts yet.

An altered canvas. I kinda like how this one turned out. The fun misting and the pops of red. It's hanging at the top of my stairs :)

This one was my second attempt at that Tally challenge. Got all the requirements this time. I really like this one too. I'll have to do one for Kieran too :)

Ok, time for bed. I have to read a couple more chapters of my book for The Big Rothesay Read :) I might actually get it read this year in time for the author's visit! Night all.

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SaturdayShiraz said...

Nice Big Rothesay Read shout out! Little boys sure know how to talk -Drew was the same way when we walked last week! My fav pic of Bridget is the mouth-open look of shock and awe. lol