Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is it wrong....(take 2)

That Kieran's most favourite song right now is Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name? And that sometimes I put it on in the car and peek into the back seat and see his huge grin and giggle! It's the best! (also, when we are in a store and Kieran or Bridget hears Bon Jovi they yell, "Bon Jovi!!!!" Yeah, a little brainwashing never hurt anyone, right? Oh wait....)

That Bridget requested a song from Buffy the Vampire Slayer for bedtime? I promise I don't let her watch it, we just listen to the music :)

That now that it's roll up time I can't pass a Tim Horton's without wanting a coffee? I've already won twice (out of 4) which is about my total for all of last year's roll up time.

That I still put Kieran down for a nap? I should probably stop that since he will have to go to school next year. Ok, ok, I'll stop in August :)

That Bridget can totally pull my strings? Spoiled. Completely, spoiled. Tonight she was pitching a fit about putting her boots on and after a bit she says pitifully to me, "Mommy, if you give me a hug I'll put my boots on." Dude, how can you say no to that?

That we told Kieran to eat 4 3/4 bites of supper (because, shockingly, he didn't like it. You know, because it wasn't hot dogs or pancakes...) and then he actually ate 7 bites because it was 4 plus THREE quarters? Please, don't call and educate him on fractions. Funny that he'll be eating less once he turns 5....

Hmm...can't think of anything involving Riley other than, Is it wrong that I want to strangle him one minute and hug him the next? Pretty much sums up our relationship, lol. Have I mentioned he's a lot like his Daddy?? :)

Speaking of Kevin, he's happy because he gets to demolish things. We're going to redo the family room/craft room area. We're going to take down the wall and open up the room and build a peninsula type desk/storage area. Hopefully have it so that I can work and kids can craft with me. Should be nice once it's done but we all know how long it takes us to accomplish things. We STILL don't have trim in most of the upstairs. Sigh. Someday. If anyone would like to recommend paint colours to brighten up my cave-like basement I'm all ears (er, eyes). Is it wrong that I assume this project won't be done until the fall? Nope, actually that sounds about right!

Is it wrong that I laugh at Kevin while he does his Wii workout? Anyone feel a YouTube video coming on? :)

I guess it's also wrong that I assume no one reads this because every now and then I find out someone else is reading. Makes me feel pressure to be fun and entertaining. Ah well, why start now? You were already reading when I was dull and boring. Really, my kids are entertaining enough for all of us!

Ok, back to the Wii workout. I think virtual, wii-land Kevin's back was sweating. Because that's such an attractive part of the real-life workout that they felt the need to simulate it on a video game... Blech.

Riley was in his first Judo tournament last week. If I knew how to get the video from my ipod to hear I would show you a match. Once Kevin reads this he'll probably figure it out :) I can show you a picture though. He came second in his group (of about 5-7 kids). He won 2 matches and lost 2, but did super well even in one that he lost! We were all pretty proud! He's going to be in a chess tournament in March too (seriously, I told you he was just like Daddy!).

I also took this shot at the tournament and it cracks me up for obvious reasons. Bridget can actually wink with both eyes. She is a freaky talented kid who can use scissors, hold a pencil the correct way, button buttons, zip zippers, cut her food all before she's 3! She's been getting herself dressed so long (tights, sleepers, you name it) that I can hardly remember having to do it for her! Ok, enough about my amazing kid, on to the funny picture...

Literally, LOL here!

(If my scrapbooking, or scrapbooking in general, makes you go BLECH, feel free to jump ship now!! If you like, look again at the picture above, pretend that's where I ended this heinously long blog post. Bye! :)).

Wow, just looking at what new layouts I have to show and I guess it's been awhile since I've posted here, so here we go...

Ok, this one's not a layout but worthy of mention since I handmade 20 of them (yup, made the flowers, handcut the leaves and the topper) for Kieran's preschool class. Took a bit longer than I thought it would but they're so darn cute!

LCOM is having a 'Big Brother' contest going on right now. Kind of a fun concept but I'm pretty sure I'll be evicted this week. I'm supposed to finish a mini album by Friday night and I'm not really feeling that happening, haha! Oh well, here are my layouts from week one and two. I kind of love them so it was worth it even for that.

TallyScrapper is also having a contest right now. A Survivor contest. Hmm....I think scrappers watch too much reality tv... Anywhoo, I'm on team Boston Rob (one of the very few survivors I actually know of...the other team is team Russell and I have no idea who that guy is...). Here is my week one layout following the requirements of negative space, using recycled packaging, staples, the colours brown and blue and a picture with more than one person. Phew, got 'em all :)

This one is a layout I did back when Tally had their online crop a few weeks ago. Love it! It is a scraplift Sarah, one of the DT members.

Finally, this is my last layout as part of the Stuck?! Sketches team. I had a lot of fun working with their sketches each month! A great site for all you scrappy gals to check out!

I am done. Let the celebration begin. I'll catch up with you in a few week with another quick (hahahaha) blog post!

P.S. The colour on that last layout is really wonky. I apologize, though I plan to do nothing about it :)


Jasmine S said...

Very very funny. I promise I read it all and had a nice chuckle along the way. Great stories, great pics and FAB U LOUS LOs. Hope you are enjoying your day.

Laurajean said...

LOVE your work Amanda...and I'm so glad you are playing along with us on Survivor...and YES, I do think I watch TOO much survivor, but that is my favorite show right now...but I don't really watch any other reality tv, just can't give it up. And you were cracking me up with your post about your kids...